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Dennis Basso celebrates 40 years at New York Fashion Week

By Kristopher Fraser



Image: Dan Lecca

Dennis Basso has 40 fabulous years to celebrate. 2022 marks the 40th anniversary of his evening wear and fur brand. On this special occasion, Basso focused on two things that have long been at the core of his design philosophy and business: dressing women for a sense of place and occasion. His inspiration for this season was an evening in a garden.

After 40 years, Basso wants to be all things to every woman. His collection included cocktail dresses, gowns, palazzo pants, and slim trousers in elegant forms fit for an evening at a charity gala or society ball.

Dennis Basso looked to gardens to inspired his 40th anniversary collection

“I would like to think we’ve evolved and grown over the past 40 years,” Basso said to FashionUnited. “When I started the brand, I was designing for the woman who was that generation’s New York. I met that woman when she was 40. Today, those women are grandmothers, and I’m dressing their daughters in their 50s, and their granddaughters in their 20s. Being able to say I dress women across generations is a big deal.”

Compromising on glamour was not an option. Fabrics included silk chiffon, gazar, duchess satin, point d’espirit, corded lace, feathers, and there were also touches of hand beading. Basso is also a firm believer in the summer fur. While temperatures in most places won’t allow for a full-length coat or jacket, Basso has figured out an art to wearing fur in summer.

Image: Dan Lecca

“With this particular collection, I was focused on a return to the summer fur,” Basso said to FashionUnited. “The idea of the summer popular was so popular in the ‘50s through the ‘70s, and I wanted to bring that idea into this decade. To do so, we combined fur with chiffons and satins to give it a light airy touch.”

Image: Dan Lecca

Basso knows how to make a woman feel like they are blooming in their own garden. All you need in his world is a little touch of eveningwear and a good fur trim.

Dennis Basso
New York Fashion Week