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Does it fit me? Euveka answers the never-ending question

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Apr 29, 2021


“Does it fit me?” How many people have asked themselves this simple question?

Like most clients, we want clothes that are comfortable and nice. When people shop online, they quickly know whether they like the product or not. They can easily have additional information on materials, colors, or brand image... But for the fit, we can only know once we have tried the item on. As a result, nowadays 1/3 of garments are returned due to a bad fit.

There are some solutions, such as online recommendations, but these are unable to provide a 100% match between the client’s data and the brands’ data. Many online shoppers order several sizes from different or same brands to be sure to have at least one product that fits.

How can brands guarantee their customers that their garments will fit them perfectly? There is a need to integrate all processes in fashion, from production to retail to clients, for a 100% data match. This is key to satisfying the customer, and therefore to reducing returns and unsold items.

Developing logistics management software or size recommendation applications are only partial measures: if production fails to account for client data and to adapt to consumer needs, the fashion sector will keep producing waste.

The fashion-tech Euveka was created specifically to tackle this problem. It was kickstarted through partnerships with manufacturing departments of the top leaders of high-fashion and sports fashion and has now expanded its activities to the retail sector. Thanks to a custom-built algorithm that accounts for variations in body measurements, Euveka tech packs offer an incredibly precise and reliable tool for production with a massive and immediate impact: a 40% decrease of misfitting issues and unsold items.

The physical technology composed of a scalable and connected robot-mannequin fueled by data management software can reproduce several morphologies and sizes to be as representative as possible of the consumer’s brand diversity. This equipment enables remote work and whether you are attending a workshop, a class, work in design offices or far away in production factories, you can now control your fit precisely anywhere and anytime alone or with your correspondent. As a result, this solution gives the fashion industry an opportunity to reduce its carbon footprint while experiencing new perspectives of business performance: 40% decrease of prototypes, misfitted collections, travel costs and better targeting of every size, empowering the long tail conversion rate which is simple and powerful.

Recommendations based on size can only be made when fit information between garments and customers is confronted. Matching this data is key to build a global, inclusive, and sustainable supply chain connecting brands and platforms to customers immediately. As all bodies and garments have a proper unique fit, fashion players need to address their markets with more agile and real-time processes while controlling their costs, their impacts and performing better with all their clients no matter the size. Euveka sets a global, responsive, and sustainable fitting norm enabling customers to identify with what fits them no matter the size of the garment and helping professionals to sell the right product to everyone without risk of return.

Created in 2011 and based in Valence (France), Euveka it’s a b2b tech pack of evaluation and control of the fit, perfect for quality control and online sales.

Audrey-Laure Bergenthal, CEO of Euveka

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