Dropel Fabrics revolutionizing fabric technology

Fabric tech company Dropel Fabrics has something new to offer customers, hydrophobic clothing. The company has created the first water and stain repellent fabric bridging the gap between clothes and wearable technology.

To do this, the company has taken hydrophobic nanotechnology and fused it with fabric cotton fibers to create water, stain, and oil repellent materials that still maintain their softness and breathability.

"We’ve seen advancements in synthetic fabrics and outerwear, but they feel like you're wearing a rubber suit or sandpapery," said cofounder Brad Feinstein. "We know garments are going to get damaged, one way or the other. The way we see our future is: what can we do to enhance the fabrics that we wear on a day-to-day basis? We set out to enhance natural fabrics and add functionality to our everyday clothing. It’s invisible, intuitive innovation that doesn’t require the customer to take a leap in their education, where it can be immediately applied to their day-to-day."

The secret is the chemistry and process allows the fibers to encapsulate the polymers with cotton fibers to create a protective layers that's invisible to the hand and eye. Therefore, they can maintain both the softness and construction of the fabric so it still looks and drapes like it is intended to while still repelling liquid stains.

Currently, Dropel is exploring partnerships with high-end fashion brands and the medical industry to help grow their business.

"Brand partnerships, like Area, are an integral component to our growth as we continue to socialize our technology," said cofounder Sim Gulati "We're constantly amazed and surprised by the way brands and designers use our technology in their product offering, whether it's embossed t-shrits with Area or Mister French, a high end linen brand. Our innovative fabric technology has the ability to transcend product categories such as in children's wear, home furnishings or women's, and partnerships allow us to align with brands that share our values of creating revolutionary natural fabrics that repel water and stains."

photo:via Domain Integrated PR





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