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DVF launches clothing rental service

By Kristopher Fraser


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For those women who have always wanted a DVF wrap dress, here's your chance to buy one without worrying about it occupying too much closet space. DVF has launched their own rental service, DVF Link. DVF link offers access to the brand's collection of women's apparel, and allows customers to receive a box of four garments at a time, including unlimited box swaps, for 159 dollars a month. Members also enjoy free shipping and returns, complimentary dry cleaning, and the option to purchase pieces at a discounted rate.

With the rise of fashion rental services, DVF is on trend with a market that's focusing on ways to make things more sustainable. Rental services are part of a circular economy, in which customers, rather than keeping something and discarding it after a while, products have a longer life overtime going from one person to the next.

This will put DVF in competition with clothing rental services, like Rent the Runway, who actually offer DVF pieces. Recently, DVF also collaborated with the Outnet on a capsule collection of 13 pieces.

photo: via dvflink.com

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