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Ecco.kollektive launches its fifth season with Craig Green, Louis-Gabriel Nouchi, and Ottolinger

By Don-Alvin Adegeest


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Ecco.Kollektive Credits: Ecco

Danish footwear and leather giant Ecco have returned with Ecco.kollektive, a pioneering platform for leather innovation for its fifth season. The latest lineup of guest designers include Craig Green, Louis-Gabriel Nouchi, and Ottolinger.

Formerly known as At.kollektive, the project maintains its core mission of fostering excitement, surprise, and innovation through collaborative endeavours.

Launched by Ecco in 2022, Ecco.kollektive challenges traditional industry dynamics by facilitating a symbiotic exchange of ideas and expertise between designers and manufacturers.

For Spring/Summer 2025, the collaborative process commenced at Ecco's leather studios, where the designers explored the innovative potential of Ecco Leather, pushing creative boundaries without constraint. The resulting collection encompasses footwear, accessories, and ready-to-wear garments, showcasing the diverse interpretations and ingenuity of the collaborators.

Craig Green, celebrated for his avant-garde designs merging emotion with pragmatism, joins the collective alongside Louis-Gabriel Nouchi and Ottolinger. Nouchi draws inspiration from human textures and Ecco's leather capabilities to create fluid, gender-fluid attire, while Ottolinger infuses Dadaist elements into their architectural footwear designs.

Panos Mytaros, Ecco CEO, said in statement: “As Ecco.kollektive continues to grow and evolve, we are excited to welcome the incredibly talented Craig Green, Louis-Gabriel Nouchi, and Ottolinger into our family of collaborators to create a collection which blends our shared vision and expertise.”

Craig Green
Ecco Leather
Louis Gabriel Nouchi