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Ecco Leather launches new technical performance leather

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Image: courtesy of Ecco Leather

Ecco Leather, a division of Danish shoe company Ecco, has unveiled a new innovative material via its platform EL3 that redefines leather “as a material able to breathe, respond and perform”.

Entitled ‘Motion 2.0,’ the collection brings together the finest lightweight leathers with innovative technical performance to offer a material that is suitable for functional clothing across sportswear, as well as ready-to-wear.

Ecco Group chief executive, Panos Mytaros, said in a statement: “Motion 2.0 combines techniques unique to Ecco Leather such as FSDX - the fusing of leather with selected materials - and laundering. This new material is breathable, thermo-regulating, delicate yet strong.”

With Mytaros adding that Motion 2.0 is a “perfect fit for today’s market requirements of both high-end sportswear and ready-to-wear brands”.

Image: courtesy of Ecco Leather

To create a leather that is lightweight and strong that can withstand high levels of wear and tear, Ecco has fused lightweight leather with a lightweight ripstop to produced an FSDX laundered ripstop ultra matt with “uncompromised durability”.

While the union of FSDX laundered with light cotton produces a “natural, soft, drapey” material that brings luxury comfort to a new level, with a casual and relaxed look, and leather fused with nubuck wool creates “exceptional aesthetics and powerful performance properties,” such as temperature control and comfort.

Image: courtesy of Ecco Leather

The collection also includes an FSDX Memory Foam Semi-Shine WP, which due to its ability to evenly distribute weight and pressure, guarantees comfort and unusually high energy absorption, while remaining soft and pliable. By combining these features with leather it results in an “uber soft and spongy leather,” which when touched, sinks in softly and then slowly recovers to its original shape and form. This waterproof leather also has the potential to last a lifetime, explains Ecco.

Image: courtesy of Ecco Leather
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