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Elsewhere “Turbulent times call for softness in the broadest sense of the word”

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Jul 4, 2022


Elsewhere, FW22/23, courtesy of the brand

The clothing you wear tells a story. Elsewhere is all too aware of that. 'Emphasising the positive and embracing originality', that's what this Dutch women's brand stands for. Designer Anne Habers tells us the FW22/23 collection, which has been expanded with size 3XL, is all about softness. “Uncertain times call for harmony. This collection’s ultra-soft qualities and warm tones - Wine Red, Beautiful Black, Blue Berry and Martini Grey - all symbolise this sense of security.”

Ultimate comfort

Elsewhere’s focus is going to be on ultimate comfort this winter: comfortable shapes, soft materials and gorgeous knitwear. Anne: “But of course in our own unique way. The Elsewhere woman is unique and outspoken. She always remains true to herself and loves elegant and refined clothing with just a hint of a cool touch. Take the jacquard range, for example, with a border design in the colour combination dark grey/martini grey and vice versa. The brushed quality has made the fabric feel super soft and comfortable. This range includes some quite striking 'culottes', with one wide leg and one narrow leg, which has created an incredibly feminine and quirky effect.”

Elsewhere, FW22/23, courtesy of the brand

Truly Elsewhere

The viscose/cotton range with a checked black and pale grey pattern has proven very popular among Elsewhere women. This light, breathable fabric boasts a beautiful flow, is incredibly comfy and will continue to look amazing. Anne “This is what Elsewhere is truly all about. The Elsewhere woman is going to feel great in this.” The same also applies to the poplin/stretch quality. “This is a basic fabric which, on this occasion, we’ve used to produce some ‘odd’ trousers with a detachable skirt, a waistcoat and an asymmetrical blazer.”

Sustainable Wood Pulp

The jersey quality is certainly always in high demand too. The designs in this range are available in four colours and can be perfectly combined with the other qualities. “What’s new this time is that we’ve opted for a viscose made from sustainable wood pulp,” tells Anne. “This is a naturally breathable material which boasts a beautiful flow and feels deliciously soft against the skin. Sustainability is very high on our list of priorities, so we do our best to go that one step further with every single collection.”

Elsewhere, FW22/23, sustainable wood pulp knitwear, courtesy of the brand

Hand-crafted knitwear

The fact that Elsewhere also takes its social responsibilities very seriously is evident from the collaborations with artisan women from developing countries. “Virtually all of our knitted and crocheted items are made by them. Whether it concerns macramé techniques or elaborate and openwork patterns: they won’t shy away from any challenge. What they can make by hand is truly amazing. And the fact that they can support their families because of this work makes each item even more special.”

Elsewhere, FW22/23, courtesy of the brand


The multitude of accessories which can be used to style outfits down to the finest detail is another striking factor, which will definitely also serve to steal the show in shop window displays: gorgeous leather belts, knitted gloves, striking shawls and turtlenecks of various different qualities, a knitted necklace, a colourful knitted collar and, quite extraordinary, a knitted multifunctional item which can be worn as a poncho, turtleneck, shawl and cardigan!


The FW22/23 collection includes many more beautiful designs and qualities. We’d like to finish off with a real eye-catcher - the quilted winter coat, featuring all the colours from the collection. And that’s exactly what characterises the Elsewhere brand: everything can be perfectly mixed and matched, allowing you to add your own personal touch to every outfit.

The FW22/23 collection will be delivered in July and August. Interested? Contact Peggy Verwoerd via sales@elsewherefashion.com

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