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Fabrics and colours trends for summer 2021

By Guest Contributor


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The fabrics for summer 2021 can roughly be divided into two main themes: Lightness and Raw Surfaces. In addition, two fabrics stood out during Premiere Vision: the number of knits and the focus on denim. Of course, these fabrics also fit in with the overarching themes, but we will still highlight them because they received a lot of attention on the exhibition floor and are seen as important materials for summer 2021.

Lightness for SS21

The Lightness theme connects to the call for transparency and the fluid world in which we live. Adapting to the spirit of the times and the situation demands flexibility, pliability and the ability to transform quickly. The layering of the fabrics creates an astonishing effect in combination with ultra-light (iridescent) coatings.

Lightness. Rounded edges, softened corners, imposing motifs, lace structures, movement, super flowing, shimmer, vibrate colours.

Raw surfaces for SS21

Raw Surfaces is the answer to the increasing digitization which increases the need for tactility as a contrast to the hard materials we have in our hands every day, like our phone, keyboard, screens, etc. Classic designs or weaving patterns are given a new look by combining them with other yarns. There are no more rules and creativity makes uniformity disappear.

Raw surfaces. 3D elaborations, enhancing materials, classic design with a new look, multilayers, linen, tactility.

Knits for SS21

The need for softness does not only arise from the need for tactility but also serves to protect against the events of the world. As if we want to protect ourselves against the harsh reality.

Knits: zero weights, feather-light garments, smoothness, sophisticated, open structures, transparency.


It's impossible to imagine living without jeans, especially now that they have been accepted even in a more formal working environment. New techniques make it possible to create optical illusions and even classic designs such as the diamond are used to give denim a new look and expand its applicability.

New denim: comfort, tie dye, batik, lace structures, brutalistic spirit, decoration.

Colors 2021

Dynamic, dehydrated mineral tones, floral and vegetal tones. Colors can be used ton sur ton, in majestic monochromes or even for a color clash. Play, make your own range and open new horizons.

Text, images and composition by Carla van den Puttelaar, trade magazine Kleur&Stijl.