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Faith Connexion debuts collaboration with Swizz Beats and Nina Chanel

By Kristopher Fraser

Jun 26, 2018

Faith Connexion is continuing to blur the lines between art and fashion. For their latest collaboration, the brand has teamed up with Grammy award-winning producer Swizz Beats and artist Nina Chanel for a fresh set of hi-lo styles.

Swizz Beatz was the catalyst behind this thanks to his "No Commission" project, dedicated to making art more accessible while also tearing down barriers for young artists. It was during the Bronx edition of No Commission that Nina Chanel, a contemporary Black artist, began to garner attention in the art scene.

Chanel describes her colorful and graphic frescoes, which explore notions of gender, identity and politics as "easy to swallow, difficult to digest." By inviting Nina to collaborate, Faith Connexion puts a new twist on the No Commission concept: her art becomes even more accessible when transposed to the medium of the brand’s signature sportswear silhouettes.

The capsule takes some of the house’s iconic pieces and adorns them with motifs created by Nina. The print echoes Nina’s own work, which addresses sensitive topics and invites the viewer to draw his own conclusions. An X, affixed to a mouth and preventing speech; or backed by an eagle, reminiscent of the symbol of the United States. Faces and silhouettes of eyes that follow us are also featured. In addition, the collection includes traces of Nina’s 2015 Always a Winner series, which evoked the police misconduct at the origin of the Black Lives Matter movement. It is very relevant to the idea of clothing as a political statement.

In a statement, Swizz Beatz said he "loves being partners with Faith because it’s the brand of freedom and of the future." This is just the first in a series of curated collaborations that Faith Connexion has planned going forward.

The collection will be sold through Faith Connexion's e-commerce and brick-and-mortar stores. Additional third party retailers will be later confirmed. Price points for the collection have not yet been announced.

photo: courtesy of Purple PR