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Fall/Winter 2022 key color predictions for women's wear

By Jayne Mountford


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FW22 Sophicolor/Pexels

Ahead of the F/W22 women's wear buying season, we present key color predictions using the extensive color swatch collections from Sophicolor.com.

Recharge and reset

In Fall/Winter 2022 American society continues to pursue "a new normal" with a slower pace of life and a renewed emphasis on health and wellbeing. It's time to recharge the batteries and reset one's value system, focusing on spirituality, community and the environment. Weather patterns are unpredictable and consumers will become more aware of seasonal changes, while still desiring trans-seasonal color palettes in some instances. This will have a direct impact on color choices.


FW22 Sophicolor/Pexels

Celebrating a successful harvest with a feast or festival dates back centuries and can be found in various forms the world over. It's a busy time of year for farming communities as they gather in the crops; imagine golden fields of wheat under pink and orange skies. It's a modern take on a classic fall palette.

Color Palette: A variety of yellow, ochre, brown, rust and orange shades associate with mauve.


FW22 Sophicolor/Pexels

Indian philosophers believe that flowers have a spiritual significance; that when they share their beauty with us, they can put us in touch with a sense of eternity. Flowers speak to us when we know how to listen to them. As the trend for trans-seasonal palettes increases so does our desire for these beautiful floral colors in all seasons. This palette works for dresses and blouses in solid colors or prints all season long.

Color Palette: Shades of peach, pink, plum and violet are tempered by dark green, earthy brown and cream beige.


FW22 Sophicolor/Pexels

Visiting the beach in the off-season can be just as alluring as in summer. The pale fire exuded by the sun, full of Vitamin D, can fight off winter blues. Walking on sand is beneficial to strengthening muscles. This palette works well for faux fur, feathers and knits.

Color Palette: Icy shades of peach, pink and violet work back to sand colored neutrals and navy, plus blue and green the colors of sea glass.


FW22 Sophicolor/Pexels

In many U.S. and European places it snows less often than 20 or 30 years ago, due to global warming. Now and then, swirling snowstorms do cover city streets and country fields alike. It's an opportunity to dress in layers and enjoy a winter wonderland that is often fleeting. It's a classic palette for heavier knits, plaids and teddy fur.

Color Palette: Classic shades of forest green, ochre, bright red, dark red and blue are key colors. They are mixed with greyed neutrals, navy and white popped with neon blue.