Fendi and Farfetch launch bespoke handbag service

Online e-commerce giant Farfetch has teamed up with Italian luxury house Fendi to launch a bespoke handbag service on its platform.

Users can customize the Fendi Kan I F bag by personalizing colour, leather, hardware and other add-ones, making it possible to choose from over 120 options and combinations for a unique item.

Farfetch is marketing the service on its social accounts, allowing consumers to be directed to the retailer’s website where they can begin to design and customize their own bag in four steps.

Starting prices begin at 1,980 euros for the basic bag. Farfetch on its website states: “you can go a bit crazy and switch up the leather, the handle, the hardware – even that iconic F logo with its jaunty angle. Add a Wrappy (that’s a silky little printed scarf to you and me) that you can thread through the eyelets in the handle, giving it a whole new look of its own. Play around with the combinations (there are 120 after all), take your time. You’ll wind up with a unique assemblage – a piece that’s true to you, and your sense of individuality – your new bag!”

Customization of the Kan I F is the first time Fendi has teamed up with an e-commerce platform to make personalization available to a wider audience.

Photo credit:Farfetch website





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