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Frank And Oak launch Circular denim method

By Dale Arden Chong

Aug 15, 2019


Sustainable fashion and lifestyle brand Frank And Oak has introduced a new, waste-reducing production method into its practices. The program, which is called Circular denim, incorporates recycled denim fabrics into its denim assortment. According to a press release, this new sustainable process utilizes post-consumer waste, which reduces the overall waste typically found in landfills.

Frank And Oak developed Circular denim as part of its Responsible Denim Lab, which is the same team that introduced the brand’s Hydroless denim and good cotton. The four-step method takes denim scraps to create new fabrics. First, old jeans are collected and put through a fabric recycler. Next, “post-consumer waste denim is disintegrated into fibers and impurities are removed.” After that, these recycled fibers are combined with new fibers to maintain the integrity and durability of denim. Finally, the denim is made into a new product.

With Circular denim Frank And Oak has created two of its existing styles for men, the Dylan and the Tyler, and the Nina for women.

Circular denim is available now on Frank And Oak’s website and at its store locations.

Photo credit: Frank and Oak, Facebook

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