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Fresh Off The Rail to hold Streetwear Fashion Week virtual

By Kristopher Fraser

Oct 14, 2020


Texas-based Fresh Off The Rail (FOTR), the company that puts on Streetwear Fashion Week in Houston Texas, will be holding the seventh edition of their event virtually this year. Streetwear Fashion Week now follows in the steps of New York Fashion Week, which also went mostly virtual this year.

This season, FOTR is presenting nine up & coming brands. Despite the virtual setting, designers are still opting to show their latest designers to streetwear aficionados. Texas has a very strong retail scene with independent boutiques and what is usually high-traffic tourism.

Three years ago, Fresh Off The Rail Fashion Week started as a five-day streetwear-streetstyle event providing a platform to celebrate the convergence of culture, creativity & innovation with designers, art creators, bloggers and fashion influencers sharing their vision with the world of fashion. Since then, the event has continued to draw more attention nationally and has become a platform for independent streetwear designers who are just starting to make a name for themselves.

The FOTR Fashion Week has begun attracting more established brands in addition to emerging creators both internationally and domestically. FOTR’s Fashion Week is now considered a leading global platform for streetwear-streetstyle brands. This year’s crop of designers includes Havoc, Oh Ok, Risk is Key, Yu Ta Se To Gawa, Tara Kari, Stuck Up Girl, If Legends, True HasHisHIn, and John Ashford. The next installment will be held in March of 2021, whether it will be physical or virtual is still pending.

Courtesy of Very New York