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From celebrity status to fashion designer - Part III: Lindsay Lohan

By Sara Ehlers


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In the Los Angeles social scene, many celebrities have used their stardom status to reach new heights in the fashion industry. In fashion today, fashion houses, lines, and designers have come from some of Hollywood’s “Most Famous.” Although in this realm of entertainment, some actors and actresses catch their fiery pop-culture stature, it does not always lead to automatic success. However, a couple celebrities have broken this mold into the coveted fashion world (such as Nicole Richie, Victoria Beckham, etc.).

More than just launching new lines and designing new concepts, these stars have surpassed through their five-minute fame into well-respected, elitist fashion positions. Some have been more successful than others, but overall the journey of stars transition to fashion has been interesting to observe. The question remains: How did they get there?

Another celebrity who is transition from stardom and delving into fashion design is Lindsay Lohan.

Like Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Lohan got her footing in the entertainment industry through acting and modeling. Starting from child acting stardom, Lohan was able to turn her celebrity status into fashion acclaim. Lohan’s most recognizable performance as a child was in Parent Trap (1998) where the young actress played two roles. In the movie, at the young age of 11 Lohan double-acted as a pair of young twins. Overtime, Lohan acted in various movies such as Freaky Friday (2003), Georgia Rule (2007) and Mean Girls (2004). To date, Lohan is most likely known for her performance as Cady Heron in the popular, high school girl-power movie Mean Girls, which grossed over 129 million dollars worldwide. Lohan won four Teen Choice awards for her performance in the film.

From beginnings as an actress, it was a difficult journey for Lohan to make her way into fashion history. It didn’t help that throughout the years, the young starlet filled tabloids with rumors of drug use, DUI's, and probation restrictions. In the years from 2006-2008, Lohan was repeatedly in the headlines due to alcohol and drug use interrupting the success of her career. Although her history with the media includes negative experiences, with work in modelling and designing, Lohan was eventually able to make a breakthrough to the fashion world.

Lohan transitions from acting and bad press to the fashion world

Lohan’s transition into fashion began firstly with modelling. In 2008 and 2009, she worked as a fashion model for various lines. In her work she has been the face of Miu Miu, Jill Stuart, Dooney & Bourke, and more. She worked with several fashion companies and produced fashion shoots. One of her more notable shoots was her recreation of Marilyn Monroe’s “The Last Sitting” shoot. Lohan had always been inspired with Monroe and has said that the shoot was “an honor.” Although the initial shoot received mixed reviews, Lohan continued her fascination with Monroe by designing her first clothes line 6126. The numbers correlated with Monroe’s birth date and were a tribute to the timeless, iconic model. The line first began with leggings, and was soon spread out into a full collection in the spring of 2010 with 280 pieces.

Lindsay Lohan and Ungaro’s collaboration in 2009

The major points of Lohan’s fashion career involve her collaborations where she designs and draws creative inspiration for the lines. In 2009, Lohan became an artistic adviser for Emanuel Ungaro, renown French fashion house. The fashion house had a projected ready-to-wear volume of 13 million dollars. Lohan’s October collection debuted at Paris Fashion Week and was met with wide criticism. Her collection with Estrella Archs for Ungaro started off with leggings, and became complete with shirts, dresses, footwear, and handbags. It ultimately was not a complete success. She ended up having legal allegations over licensing issues which coincided with the ultimate popularity of the line. The line was scrubbed in 2011, despite its early success. The clothing line eventually led Lohan to a 5 million dollar lawsuit from the line’s manufacturer in later years. Even with its failure, Mounir Moufarrige, chief executive officer of Ungaro, didn’t blame Lohan for the impending disastrous result. “Lindsay, poor thing, didn’t have much to do with the collection,” Moufarrige told the New York Times.

Apparently, Lohan didn’t accept that failed attempt at designing either. In recent years, it seems that Lohan is trying her hand in fashion once again.

Lindsay Lohan partners with PacSun for capsule collection

Earlier this year, the starlet collaborated with SoCal brand PacSun in order to create a capsule collection. She collaborated with Civil Clothing to create pieces that reflected a street style vibe. The line wasn’t as successful as anticipated. The clothes retailed upwards of about 29.95 dollars varying on the pieces. The line included a graphic tee with a photo of the self-designer in question as well as a mix of jerseys, tops, sweaters, and hats. The line was also met with mixed reviews. However, the star has forayed into another prestigious fashion role recently.

Last month, Lohan announced that she established a new collaboration with British label Lavish Alice. The edgy brand debuted the collection this month which includes 16 pieces designed with Lohan as a partner. For Autumn/Winter 2015, Lohan has stepped up her game for a new look with the womenswear label. The high-fashion label encompasses a clean and minimalist feel, with a neutral palette emphasizing this look. The collection includes monochromatic colors such as black, gray, navy, white. Parts of the collection that make the clothes pop include decorative elements such as fringe, tassel, soft tailoring, and some vibrant colors. The collection is available globally from retailers such as Asos, Very.co.uk, and Nasty Gal as well as in 400 independent boutiques across the U.K. Prices for the line also remain decent for the average shopper ranging from 60 to 116 dollars.

Lohan partners with UK brand Lavish Alice

Overall the collection is more impressive that Lohan’s previous fashion endeavors. The collection has aesthetically pleasing elements that other fashion collaborations have lacked: heavy on the fringe, light with colors, and fittingly loose in all the right places. Pieces for the line also include crop tops, knitwear pieces, and culottes. The line’s impending success also may have to do with her fashion partnership choice. Lavish Alice is known for clothing several international personalities such as Michelle Keegan, Fernie Cotton, Rosie Fortescue and more. The low-key brand has recognition and respect amongst the U.K., which isn’t a bad move for Lohan’s fashion career. In the past, the brand has been celebrated in InStyle UK as well as Grazia Online. Also, the brand has collaborated with popular fashion bloggers in the past such as Kari Devereaux.

Although Lohan’s fashion career isn’t sealed, her latest step with Lavish Alice seems to be in the right direction. Her past failures in design has led the troubled actress to criticism and disgrace when it comes to the fashion industry. Albeit the 28-year-old has been moving forward from her acting and tabloid days, it doesn’t necessarily mean that her fashion collaborations will lead to success. Only turnover and time will determine whether or not Lohan can be considered a serious contender as a fashion designer.

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