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FS Live Webinar Activewear: A Circular Future (27 Sept.)

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Amidst the urgent climate concerns, the drive for circularity takes center stage, encompassing products, materials, and color. Join us in exploring the emerging innovations in circularity for activewear, helping to shape a more sustainable and functional-focused tomorrow.

Key Takeaways

Circular Design: Discover the seamless integration of active products designed for a circular lifecycle—showcasing items built to last, created for future resale value, and produced deliberately for disassembly—making them easier to repair, replace, and recycle.

Circular Materials: Uncover the harmonious collaboration between nature's resources and waste as brands have begun radically transforming their existing manufacturing processes, paving the way for transformative circularity and a more ecologically sound supply chain.

Circular Color: Journey to the forefront of emerging color innovations, where ethical and regenerative color can help forge a stronger bond with nature, foster harmony, and nurture a healthier environment.


Rachael Gentner, Creative Director, Active
Jo Thomas, Director of Color Advisory
Nia Silva, Director of Materials

The Webinar takes place on 27 September at 11am EST (4pm BST). You can register via this link.

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