Gabriela Hearst moves runway show to Paris Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week has lost yet another designer. First Michael Kors and Marc Jacobs, now Gabriela Hearst. Gabriela Hearst has announced they are showing during Paris Fashion Week for the spring/summer 2021 season.

Hearst said that her reason for moving the show to Paris Fashion Week is to reduce the brand's ecological footprint. The collection is made in Italy, so there was the environmental impact of the transportation costs from Europe to New York City.

The upcoming season of New York Fashion Week, which is still on the books for now, has been shortened to just three days. As a part of Fashion Month, the industry had hoped that New York would persevere to not throw off the Fashion Calendar. No runway shows are expected to take place this upcoming season, and instead all shows will be presented in presentation format.

The costs of showing at New York Fashion Week are also very high, and with brands only just beginning to rebound from several months of store closures, the question is who will be able to afford to show at New York Fashion Week. In another month or so the calendar should be revealed, and we will see who is still on it for this upcoming season.

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