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Giorgio Armani joins brands banning angora

By Simone Preuss


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Image: Satyabratasm via Pexels

Italian luxury fashion conglomerate the Armani Group announced on Monday that it would no longer use angora wool across all lines from the Fall/Winter 2022/2023 season onwards. The Group has added the material to the list of excluded materials within its fur-free policy, which came into effect in 2016 in agreement with the Fur Free Alliance.

  “I am pleased to announce the abolition of angora wool from all the collections of the Armani Group, testimony to our tangible commitment in monitoring our production with respect to protecting the natural world. I have always believed in innovation and research of new materials and innovative methods for processing traditional raw materials”, said CEO Giorgio Armani in a statement.

The latest commitment marks another step by the Armani Group towards sustainability across the supply chain with regards to the environment and animals. “For some time now, the Group has been taking action to ensure that the value generated by growth objectives remains in harmony with the local territory and communities. One of the most significant measures adopted is the constant monitoring of the supply chain with a consequent drive to adopt and implement sustainable practices,” reads the statement.

The Armani Group has also been involved with international working groups on the adoption of all measures aimed at the progressive reduction of chemicals considered to be potentially hazardous. In addition to being a signatory of the Fashion Pact, presented at the G7 in 2019 to address climate change and environmental protection, in July the Group announced its targets for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, approved by the Science Based Targets initiative.

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