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Gmoney launches crypto-native luxury label

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Image: 9dcc logo

Gmoney, an anonymous creator and collaborator in the NFT world, is launching a crypto-native luxury fashion and lifestyle label, 9dcc.

Through 9dcc, Gmoney promises “an evolved, designer range and one-of-a-kind experiences that connects two universes seamlessly” that will “evoke an exciting, cohesive, elevated experience re-envisioning the concept of a lifestyle platform to meet different facets of a global consumer’s life”.

Under the creative direction of Gmoney, 9dcc will take the characteristics and heritage-driving ideals of iconic fashion houses, offering uncompromised choice in materials and craftsmanship, illustrative storytelling, and selective distribution that speaks directly to the luxury market.

In addition, the crypto-native label will also reinterpret what Gmoney calls “centuries-old traditions of house codes” and offer a fresh take on fashion for a “discerning, digital-first consumer,” whose views on fashion and design align with Gmoney’s own vision of timeless style.

Even the name alone reflects the web3 spirit at the heart of the brand, as the cryptic letter and number set represents the last four digits of the Ethereum wallet of the house "from which all product expressions of the brand will be born from and connected to".

The first product launch will debut in the coming weeks, added Gmoney in a press release, entitled ‘Iteration-01’ and will include a high-end T-shirt launching amongst Admit One (@admit0001) members. This community has been with Gmoney since the beginning and will continue to be recipients of the initial benefits of 9dcc.

Gmoney is one of the largest NFT collectors in the world today and has collaborated with brands including Adidas.

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