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Goldbergh’s Fall/Winter 23/24 Collection: A Canadian Adventure Awaits

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Credits: Goldbergh

Goldbergh's fall/winter 23/24 collection draws profound inspiration from the majestic Canadian ski resort, Whistler Blackcomb. Known for its breathtaking nature and diverse sports scene, Whistler Blackcomb symbolises the blend of high-performance and functionality with luxury and innovation, a balance Goldbergh has artfully achieved.

This season, Goldbergh invites you on a journey through six captivating tales, each reflecting unique hues and narratives:

Funky Outdoors

Find tranquillity in the serene landscapes of Whistler's legendary forests, with sights of frozen waterfalls and tall trees. Goldbergh’s theme is assertive: ‘go big or go home.’ Boasting oversized designs with meticulous detailing, this story melds bold colors with subdued earthy browns.

Credits: Goldbergh

Ice, ice, baby

Paying homage to Canada's treasured sport, ice hockey, this theme captures its dynamic essence. Iconic ice hockey-inspired designs, including oversized attires and catchy slogans, intersect with the glamour of couture fashion.

Snow Couture

Make a statement with this audacious capsule. Goldbergh ventures into the realm of French Couture, introducing extravagant puff sleeves, voluminous collars, and luxurious fabrics. This blend of couture with functional design embodies Goldbergh’s distinctive brand identity.

Credits: Goldbergh

Double diamond black

Experience the timeless allure of Goldbergh’s classic black & white designs, now reimagined. Drawing inspiration from Blackcomb Mountain’s famed Double Diamond black slopes, these designs emphasize control and sophistication.

Our game our gold

Luxuriate in Goldbergh’s iconic gold paired with the warm hues of the Canadian Rockies during the mesmerising Golden Hour. This collection offers a palette ranging from mocha to champagne, exuding unmatched opulence.

Credits: Goldbergh

Cotton candy

Delve into a whimsical world inspired by the fluffy delight of cotton candy. Goldbergh’s designs in this story are marked by rounded shapes and generous volumes, complemented by sparkling rhinestones, star quilts, and gem-infused prints.

Goldbergh's latest collection is more than just clothing; it's an immersive experience, blending the wonders of Whistler Blackcomb with the luxury of couture.

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