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Greendigo sets out to make organic the new normal

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Children are one of the largest consumers of apparel. They are also the most vulnerable customer segment to feel the ill-effects of synthetic clothing and toxic chemicals. With children’s skin being about 30 percent thinner than adults, it is more absorbent of substances present in their clothes. With increasing exposure to pollutants and toxins in most clothes available today, there is a significant rise in the number of children prone to allergies, skin rashes, respiratory disorders amongst other threats to health. Synthetic garments take a long time to decompose, creating long-term pollution which in turn impacts the future generations that will inherit this planet. To make a significant environmental impact, it is not just occasional partywear which needs to be sustainable, daily casualwear worn in larger numbers should also be responsibly produced. Therefore Greendigo is on a mission to make organic the new normal.

Environmental awareness and impact

While there is increased awareness on the environmental and social impact of products that consumers are purchasing, the conversation on sustainable apparel is largely centered around adult clothing. Concepts such as capsule wardrobe are seldom thought of when talking about kidswear whereas with children requiring multiple changes in a day, classic pieces which are easy to mix and match are very desirable. The cloud of misconceptions that organic clothing is dull and not stylish, is unavailable in bright colors, is difficult to maintain and is only for occasional wear, should be addressed. The widespread adoption of organic clothing will happen only when consumers realize that organic garments can be fun, affordable, low maintenance and for everyday wear. Furthermore, while parents of young children are aware of the choices they need to make, authenticity of the garment being actually sustainable or organic is often questionable.

Organic clothing for children

Greendigo is a sustainable and organic clothing brand for children aged 0 - 12 years. Greendigo offers 100 percent organic clothing certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). The brand understands that an outdoorsy lifestyle is paramount for the wellbeing of kids which is why their garments are machine washable, hardwearing and practical. Greendigo’s clothes are capsule wardrobe friendly and their range includes everyday essentials such as leggings, tees, polos, light jackets, dresses-which make mix and match a whole lot of fun. Greendigo’s clothes are soft, comfortable and devoid of harmful chemicals, making them safe for the delicate skin of children. They make clever designs which offer more wear to the consumer and being long-lasting, their garments make for great ‘hand me downs’.

Sustainable supply chain

Greendigo’s entire supply chain, from farms to factories, and from fabrics to dyes and colors is 100 percent certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). This affirms the organic status of raw materials and also guarantees that the manufacturing processes are environmentally and socially responsible. The cotton farmers get a fair price for their produce which helps them break away from a vicious cycle of debt, the factories are free of child labor and offer fair and safe working conditions to all workers. Furthermore, since their processes eliminate the use of artificial fertilizers, chemical pesticides and toxic dyes and colors, the health of farmers, factory workers and consumers is safeguarded. This also prevents harmful chemicals to make their way up food chains and contaminate water bodies. Further, Greendigo believes in plastic-free packaging which is reusable and recyclable.

Social responsibility

The brand strongly believes that businesses need to run responsibly to be able to counter the environmental, political and economic challenges that plague our world today. While being an early stage startup, Greendigo is already aligned with 10 UN SDGs. Greendigo currently retails only through their direct-to-consumer ecommerce channel and delivers worldwide. In the coming months, the brand plans to venture into private labelling and white labelling for bulk buyers. With certifications and ethical manufacturing practices in place, the brand aims to attract buyers from around the world who believe in responsible production, in line with their vision of making organic the new normal.

Photos: courtesy of Greendigo

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