Guerlain collaborating with Le Coq Sportif

In honor of their new fragrance, Le Petite Robe Noir, Guerlain is collaborating with French sneaker label Le Coq Sportif on a limited-edition Arthur Ashe style.

The inspiration for the shoe was the perfume's aesthetic. The sides of the shoes are decorated with black-and-white leather braids. The outersoles of the shoe are transparent and encrusted with silver sparkles, similar to the perfume's intended sparkle.

The tongue on the right side of the pair of the shoes features Le Coq Sportif's rooster label, while the tongue on the left features a black dress to symbolize La Petite Robe Noir.

Each pair of shoes come with a charm piece for a necklace or bracelet along with a perfume sample.

The sneakers will be available in France beginning May 29. The price point for the shoes is 105 dollars.

photo: via Z & O Facebook page