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Hardware Ldn combines grunge and glamour for NYFW

By Kristopher Fraser


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Hardware Ldn FW22, Catwalkpictures
The London scene made a splash at New York Fashion Week. Fashion designer Jessica Horwell took a jump across the pond to show her Hardware Ldn collection at New York Fashion Week. Her goal this season was to heat up the fall/winter runway. The brand’s collection was all about mixed material and pops of color to combine grunge and glamour.

Horwell was here to sell a lifestyle, and that she did. “I want people to feel like they want to wear my clothes and feel empowered in them,” she said to FashionUnited. “I want them to know they can wear my clothes and take on the world because they’re part of a lifestyle. My brand portrays a lifestyle that I live, and I feel that people want to be part of that lifestyle that’s empowered.”

Hardware Ldn brings sexy elegance to New York Fashion Week

As we emerge from COVID-19, Horwell said that a post-COVID-19 world informed her design choices. “Designing for people post-COVID-19 was a massive part of my inspiration,” Horwell said to FashionUnited. “Everyone’s been locked up, and they have this fire burning inside of them to be out. I want people to look at this collection and feel that fire and know they can wear these clothes to be seen out and out about doing their thing.”

Hardware Ldn is a British brand by origin and growth, but Horwell said she wanted to show in New York because “I don’t see Hardware Ldn as just a London brand. I’m a London girl, but wherever I go, I bring London with me. I’m drawn to America, and I love it here. Showing in New York keeps the brand moving, and New York Fashion Week is special to me, and New York is special as a place.”

The brand is working on growth, global expansion, and adding retailers. Horwell described their quintessential customer as, “Everyone from the girly girl to the tomboy. I want everyone to know they can be a part of the brand. If you like my brand and want to be a part of the lifestyle, and you want to feel good in clothes, Hardware Ldn is for you. If you want to feel good and feel badass, you can be a part of the brand.”

Image: Filippo Fior, IMAXtree
Image: Filippo Fior, IMAXtree
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