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Highly Anticipated Fashion Designer Takes LA Fashion Week By Storm

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StormyWeather Designs took to the runway for the first time at LA FASHION WEEK. Bringing excitement and “WOW” as she amazed the crowd with her collection celebrating our military forces. A collection of quality fabrics in an upcycled combination with military garments. Hinted military colors and insignias throughout the collection displaying a prominent tribute via the sleeves, the collar, and /or the pants. StormyWeather is a well-seasoned designer we won’t soon forget as she displays pure artistry with every stitch and cut of carefully crafted garments honoring our currently serving, our wounded, and our fallen soldiers for their service, her collection simply states…. in honor of you, we salute!

LA fashion week, established in 2001, raises the profile of fashion designers in the US with the focus on the emergence of LA fashion as one of the most important cultural cities in the world. StormyWeather Banks is one those designers to look out for as she makes her presence known representing the city of Los Angeles.

You can view Stormy’s full LA fashion week runway debut on the YouTube link below:

Read more about StormyWeather Designs on the brandpage: fashionunited.com/companies/stormy-weather-designs

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