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Hilfiger Ventures to launch fashion game with Tilting Point

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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FashionVerse game imagery Credits: Tilting Point

Hilfiger Ventures, co-founded by fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger and Joe Lamastra, is teaming up with global free-to-play game publisher Tilting Point to launch an interactive mobile fashion game using the latest artificial intelligence technology.

Developed by Miami-based Brandible, FashionVerse converges fashion and gaming and originated from an idea from Hilfiger himself. He wanted to scale fashion through an immersive, community-based game that capitalises on the most current technology.

Ahead of the game launch in January 2024, Tommy Hilfiger said in a statement: “It’s been a life goal of mine to make fashion more accessible. Given how many people engage with fashion through their phones, I thought, there has to be a way to bring everyone together into one community, providing a more immersive experience.

“Through working with Tilting Point and Brandible, I truly believe this collaboration on FashionVerse marks an exciting milestone in the convergence of fashion and gaming.”

FashionVerse game imagery Credits: Tilting Point

Tommy Hilfiger unveils new mobile fashion game FashionVerse

FashionVerse utilises Brandible’s proprietary AI model to create photorealistic 3D avatars, settings and props, providing a virtual experience where “everyone is a creator”.

Within the game, players take on design challenges to create perfectly curated fashion sets in Stylist mode or mood boards in Trendsetter mode, each of which other players vote upon. Players can also share their creations, vote on other stylists’ scenes, comment on favourite looks, win rewards and unlock new clothing styles, all while discovering the latest trends from real-world fashion brands.

To ensure the game is diverse and inclusive, FashionVerse has been designed to feature models across a wide range of size diversity, ethnicities and abilities.

FashionVerse game imagery Credits: Tilting Point

FashionVerse will also feature an ongoing series of two-week virtual “pop-ups” with major fashion, entertainment, art, and beauty brands to be announced in the weeks following launch, allowing players to interact with the fashion universe through their own unique lens as they virtually style their models and set designs.

Pop-Ups will feature dedicated challenges focused on participating brands’ campaign themes, garments from their latest collections, and special rewards for players who complete all of the branded challenges. The pop-ups will also feature digital exclusives from celebrated artists and musicians, merging the worlds of fashion, music and popular culture in one game.

FashionVerse game imagery Credits: Tilting Point

Kevin Segalla, founder and chief executive of Tilting Point, added: “Fashion fans are an incredibly underserved audience in the games space, so when Tommy approached us with the FashionVerse idea, we knew immediately this was a huge opportunity we couldn’t pass up.

“I can confidently say that FashionVerse will provide an unparalleled experience for our players, empowering them to explore their personal style and to connect with the fashion world in exciting new ways. We also can’t wait to host the many excellent brands set to become part of this interactive world.”

FashionVerse will be available on iOS and Android devices, as well as through the Netflix mobile app in January 2024.

FashionVerse game imagery Credits: Tilting Point
FashionVerse game imagery Credits: Tilting Point
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