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Inditex donates 575,000 pounds worth of angora garments to Syrian refugees

By Vivian Hendriksz


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World's largest clothing company, Inditex, has donated the remaining stock of over 20,000 brand new angora wool garments to animal welfare organization Peta, who has teamed up with charity Life for Relief and Development, to ensure the garments go to those in need - Syrian refugees.

Inditex made history earlier this year by becoming one of the biggest fashion corporations to ban angora wool from all future collections. However, rather than selling its angora wool garments that had been manufactured in previous season, the company together with Peta and Life donated the items, worth an approximate 575,000 pounds to the 1.2 million Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

The angora garment distribution took place earlier this week in the villages surrounding the Lebanese city of Tripoli, in the Beqaa Valley, and in the refugee camps of Majdal Anjar, Mar Elias, Sawiri, and al-Marj. "With 3.8 million displaced people from war-torn Syria, Peta and Inditex have helped both animals and people most in need," said Life for Relief and Development's Chief Operating Officer, Mohammed Alomari.

"When you have lost everything, something as simple as a new, clean, warm coat makes a world of difference." Inditex's decision to ban angora came after a series of discussions with Peta, following the release of its undercover investigation that highlighted the truth behind angora fur farming and the systematic animal abuse that comes with the harvesting of angora fur.

"Peta can't bring back the rabbits who were slaughtered after their fur was ripped from their bodies, but we can still help the truly destitute," commented Peta's managing director, Ingrid E. Newkirk. "Inditex's gift will go a long way toward making the world a kinder place for the refugees — and the rabbits — who have all suffered greatly."