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Interview: Hollie Lennon, Talent Acquisition Business Partner at Monsoon Accessorize

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Careers in fashion is a hot topic here at FashionUnited. With this interview series, we would like to provide our readers with transparent insight into the inner-workings of the industry. Recently, we talked to Hollie Lennon from Monsoon Accessorize, who informed FashionUnited more about her role as Talent Acquisition Business Partner. Monsoon Accessorize is a passionate brand that believes in working with beautiful fabrics that are ethically sourced. Read on to find out what it’s like to work at Monsoon Accessorize.

What does being a Talent Acquisition Business Partner at Monsoon Accessorize involve?

As a Talent Acquisition Business Partner, it is my job to work alongside our departments to really understand their roles, teams and department strategy going forward. This way, we can attract the right candidates. I am always looking at new innovative ways of reaching out to potential candidates. I go about this by focusing on direct sourcing, digital attraction and headhunting to ensure that the specific needs of each vacancy are met.

Another responsibility is helping to maximise Monsoon’s career social media platforms by building our online profile so that it gives potential candidates an insight into a career at Monsoon Accessorize. Together, I work alongside the wider HR team on projects & initiatives that help convey a strong employer brand.

What led you to work at Monsoon Accessorize?

I was looking to make a career shift from working within an agency supporting multiple companies to working in-house with one brand. For me, it was interesting to see how the people I recruited continued to develop and how my role supported that.

While I was researching brands, Monsoon Accessorize was instantly appealing due to their long history, creative products and strong position on the high street. I approached Monsoon Accessorize directly and luckily they were looking for someone to join their Acquisition Team. Within 2 weeks, I was meeting the Talent Acquisition Manager and Head of Talent Development – the rest as they say is history!

What do you like most about your job?

Quite simply, the people. I love working with passionate and creative people every day, with everyone working together to deliver the brand strategy and vision. At Monsoon Accessorize, all ideas are welcomed, it’s such a collaborative environment to work in.

Did you always want to work in the fashion retail and accessories industry?

Yes, however I wasn’t sure in what role. I worked in a variety of roles before getting into Recruitment, which has definitely benefited me. My past roles have included being a Sales Assistant, Visual Merchandiser, BAA Intern and also working in fabric sales.

What is your Must-Have item (accessories)?

Statement earrings, they help bring any outfit to life. The bigger the better!

What role does sustainability play at Monsoon Accessorize?

Being an ethical brand, sustainability is a big part of who we are. We have an eco-friendly HQ in West London and are continually reviewing ways to reduce our carbon footprint. We are currently on course to change the packaging for our customers and within our internal delivery process. Our aim is to be plastic free by 2020. We are in the process of changing our hangers to be biodegradable by using more eco-friendly materials such as eco-cotton, eco-nylon, eco-polyester and products made from recycled plastic taken from the ocean. We are also looking at sustainability with our suppliers to influence how our products are shipped.

Do you have any tips for people who would like to work at Monsoon Accessorize?

Go onto our careers website to find out who we are and what we do, decide where your skill set lies and then find which aspect of the company you’d like to work in. You can work within the brands in Design, Buying or Merchandising or support the brands within Finance, Technology and Digital. We are always looking for like-minded people who care about what they do and will bring innovative ideas and experiences to the team.

This article was created in cooperation with Monsoon Accessorize.

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Photos: courtesy of Monsoon Accessorize

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