J.W. Anderson to design range for Uniqlo

London - J.W. Anderson is to follow in the footsteps of Christophe Lemaire and Jil Sander to design a capsule collection for Japanese high street giant Uniqlo.

The collaboration will see Anderson's gender fluid aesthetic merge with the minimalist design of Uniqlo and debut in store this autumn.

Uniqlo's Life Wear has garnered a loyal following across the world, producing some of fashion's best-loved basics at affordable prices. The company's aim is to create perfect staples made from good fabrics with thoughtful details to create 'the basic building blocks of personal style.'

The J.W. Anderson brand may be out of budget reach for many consumers, allowing the collaboration to reach a new consumer demographic.

Anderson stated: "Collaborations are incredibly important in design. When I think of Uniqlo, I think of things that are perfect made, that people have spent a lot of time considering. It's a difficult job, and I think Uniqlo does it very well. With with Uniqlo is probably the most incredible template of democracy in fashion, and it's nice that my design cane accessible to anyone, on all different levels."

“Much of the clothing we wear today has a long history, and many styles originated from uniforms or workwear. The British Isles constitute a treasure house of such apparel,” Yuki Katsuta, senior VP of fast retailing and head of research and design at Uniqlo told New York Magazine. “In partnering with J.W.Anderson, one of Britain’s most innovative and creative brands, we will tap into traditions while pursuing progress in designs and fabrics, to craft styles that are enduringly appealing.”

Photo credit; Uniqlo.com





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