Jessica Alba's jewelry collection for Project (RED)

With Valentine’s day right around the corner, Jessica Alba thought there would be no better way to tell your significant other “I love you” than one of her new necklaces, the proceeds of which will go towards Project (RED), one of the most prominent charities committed to helping end the Aids epidemic. Alba teamed up with jewelry designer, Jennifer Meyer, to collaborate with for this project.

Meyer’s jewelry is known for going for 1000 dollars and up in prominent department stores like Barney’s, and luxury e-commerce websites, such as She is certainly no stranger to the luxury jewelry game, and of course she didn’t spare the luxury for this collaboration either. The two necklaces that were made come in 8 karat gold, with a price tag of 280 dollars, and 18 karat gold with rubies, with a price tag of 980 dollars. This is a fairly reasonable price tag for a Jennifer Meyer design, as her necklaces have been known to go for almost 3000 dollars.

Alba and Meyer team up to support HIV positive women in Africa

The idea here, since it was for charity, was to create something that was still luxurious but more accessible to the average person, and 18 karat gold with rubies for less than 1000 dollars is practically a bargain, especially for such a great cause. The proceeds going towards Project (RED) will specifically be used to provide pregnant HIV-positive women in Africa with nine to twenty-seven months of lifesaving medication.

The heart shape of both the necklaces created was no accident either. In an interview with Women’s Wear Daily, Alba was quoted saying, “We realized that hearts were a perfect metaphor for this project…it's an easy, elegant design that women can keep close to their hearts,” Alba said. Meyer has actually been a long time friend of Alba’s with their friendship dating back more than years, so the two became the perfect collaboration team for this project.

The collection is adorably titled the Jennifer Meyer xo Jessica Alba collection, a sweet and touching name for a collection of heart shaped jewelry that couldn’t have chosen a more perfect time to arrive. Alba and Meyer were going to make sure this very impassioned collection was going to get its share of attention and following from the get-go, too. On Tuesday night, February 3rd, 2015, the duo hosted a launch event that had quite the celebrity guest-list, including Kerry Washington, Rachel Zoe, and Ellen Pompeo.

The best way to make sure an item is on everyone’s must-have list is to make sure that you have your list of celebrity supporters who will be sure to caught wearing your jewelry. As for how to get your hands on one or both of these two fabulous pieces they are already available on At the rate things tend to sell out on Gilt it would probably be best that you get your hands on them as soon as possible. You’ll probably want to make sure it also ships by Valentine’s day, after all, what better way to surprise that lucky someone by telling them that you got them amazing jewelry that will also benefit an excellent cause?





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