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​L’Homme Rouge & David Laport win International Woolmark Prize for Europe regional

By Vivian Hendriksz

Jul 18, 2017

L’Homme Rouge and David Laport are menswear and womenswear winners of the 2017/18 International Woolmark Prize the Europe regional final.

The Swedish and Dutch designers were announced as the respective winners of the awards Tuesday evening, following a ceremony in Milan. “There were so many talented designers involved in the Prize, we are really thankful to The Woolmark Company and the support of the award, it was a big deal to come here to Italy and to present to such an established panel and we are delighted to have won,” said John-Ruben Holtback, CEO of L’Homme Rouge.

David Laport added: “It was an unexpected win but I am honoured to be recognised for my craftmanship and work in innovation. My goal was to create a fresh modern image of Merino wool and I am happy this was appreciated by the judging panel.”

A panel which included Andrea Tenerani, the Creative and Style Director of GQ Italy, John de Greef, Fashion Director at Elsevier Weekblad and Simon Lock, Founder and CEO, ORDRE selected L’Homme Rouge as the menswear winner. “For me, L’Homme Rouge’s buttoned-down shirt re-interpreted in 100 percent Merino wool and the subtle wrinkling effect that made the fabric look like the wrinkling of a ships sale made the entire concept well thought through and cohesive and it was executed beautifully,” says Tamu McPherson, one of the judges on the panel.

David Laport was named the womenswear winner by a panel which included Eugenia de la Torriente, Editor-in-Chief for Vogue Spain and Eugénie Trochu, Fashion Editor for Vogue France. “David beautifully used innovation and creativity to develop a realistic and chic concept, the use of wool with delicate detailing was superb and refreshing from the first site,” said Edward Buchanan, Creative Director at SANSOVINO6, one of the jury members, on his designs. “I’m constantly asking myself what happened to the joy in fashion and here arrives David Laport to answer my question.”

Both winners are set to receive 70,000 AUD to create their next capsule collection and the chance to compete in the international final. The winning designers have six to seven months to develop a capsule collection out of Merino wool which will be presented alongside the other six menswear finalists and six womenswear finalists selected from across the globe. In addition, each winner will receive mentoring support from a global panel of experts and be granted a Woolmark license.

The winners of the menswear and womenswear global finals are also set to receive an additional 200,000 AUD more to help with the fabric sourcing and marketing of their collection, as well as mentoring assistance from industry experts. A third winner will also be selected at the global final as part of the newly introduced Innovation Award. The international winners of the grand finale will see their collection distributed through the international retail partner network which includes De Bijenkorf, Amsterdam; Harvey Nichols, UK; Hudson’s Bay Company, Toronto and mytheresa.com

Photo: Woolmark