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Labels to Watch: Dresses for all seasons

By Barbara Russ


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Zazi Vintage

A summertime staple, dresses are also a safe bet for the autumn/winter season that's just around the corner - thanks to layering looks and tights. Dresses are flattering, feminine and mood-boosting, just what post-lockdown consumers (with or without the 'quarantine fifteen' extra pounds) are looking for. Check out these beautiful dressmakers and order them for your store.

Zazi Vintage

Zazi's sustainable concept consists of an ethically responsible component and beautiful clothes that give something back to the women who made them. The Saheli collective that produces the dresses is made up of 40 women who work with art and fashion. The collective makes it easier for women to work safely and independently in the community and to support their families.

The label's founder, Jeanne De Kroon, is from The Netherlands and founded Zazi Vintage with the idea of fighting poverty. The label works closely with selected NGOs that give a voice to disadvantaged women in countries like India or Uzbekistan. Every single collection is handmade by the members of the respective NGOs. The remuneration these women receive per dress provides a steady income.

Target group: "It is not so much about a certain target group, but rather about being interested in what is happening in the world and having fun with fashion. The colourful clothes and prints stand for joy, strength and self-confidence and they stand out," says the label.

Prices (Retail): Dresses range from 730-890 euro, coats from 490-1500 euro.

Points of sale: Zazi Vintage sells directly to consumers through the label's own website as well as at retail locations like El Corte in Spain, Antonia (Italy), The SIL (US) and Thyme (UK).

Contact: Interested retailers can find contact information on brand's website.



Asciari was founded in Sicily in 2016 by siblings Pietro and Federica Mazettini and their mother Marta. At the centre of the brand, in typical Sicilian fashion, therefore is the family. The minimalist patterns with a classic and pure aesthetic, not subjected to the hectic cycle of fleeting trends, are at the core of all Asciari collections and products.

Production is done entirely by hand in Sicily, where the traditional know-how of craftsmanship is combined with the most modern techniques. The constant search for sustainable raw materials guarantees high-quality products.

Points of sale: Products under the Asciari brand are currently sold in exclusive selected boutiques and luxury department stores in Italy, Europe and Asia. Among them: The Galleria in Seoul, Modestrom in Zurich, Beardsley in Tokyo, Dantendorfer in Austria, Rennes in Philadelphia, Massimo degli Effetti in Rome and San Carlo 1973 in Turin.

Prices (Retail): cashmere coats cost around 4,500 euro, linen jackets around 670, dresses 600-1000 euro. The brand also offers soaps, handmade in Sicily with extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil and fresh caper juice for 20 euro.

Contact: Interested retailers can find contact information on brand's website.

Lara Krude

Lara Krude

As the granddaughter of a bespoke tailor, Hamburg-based designer Lara Krude developed a fascination for traditional craftsmanship and the high quality of handmade clothing at an early age. After several years as a designer in Milan, she won the prestigious Designer for Tomorrow Award in 2017 under the patronage of Stella McCartney.

Aware that overconsumption of fast fashion not only pollutes the environment but also declines the quality and craftsmanship, Lara Krude decided to launch her slow-fashion brand in 2018 as a counteraction. The label is all about effortless elegance and abstract femininity with timeless pieces that help women feel like the best version of themselves - strong, independent and always curious.

Points of sale: Internationally at Hampden Clothing (USA), Lena (Japan), Olivia Boutique (Puerto Rico). In Austria at: Mala, Sany, Emil and Paul and in Germany at: Nur So, Bed Bath and Beach, Jagador and Kristin & Luiza.

Contact: Interested retailers can find contact information on brand's website.

Prices (RRP): Shirts and trousers around 350 euro, dresses around 500 euro, coats around 900 euro.

Samantha Sung

Samantha Sung

Designer Samantha Sung worked for Ralph Lauren and Piazza Sempione before setting up her own label in 2006. She focuses on collections with a 1940s look with feminine, modern prints and patterns, drawing inspiration from exotic cultures and blends of western and eastern elements.

Her elegant shirt-blouse dresses are handmade from high-quality cotton blends or muslin. The high wearing comfort makes these dresses timeless companions for every occasion. The collections are also complemented by skirts, kaftans and jumpers. USP are the colourful motifs that are handmade exclusively for the Samantha Sung collection every season.

Target group: The target group is very broad, as it is a timeless design (shirtdresses inspired by Audrey Hepburn's style). Customers can be found in all age groups and sizes.

Points of sale: Samantha Sung is sold at Lodenfrey in Munich, Uli Knecht in Stuttgart, Ludwig Beck in Munich and Identita Italiana in Düsseldorf, among others.

Contact: The contact for interested retailers is the agency MNE, contact person: Hannah Böhringer.

Prices (RRP): The dresses are 799 euro, the skirts are 499 euro.