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Lacoste unveils first collaboration with Tyler, The Creator

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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French fashion and lifestyle brand Lacoste has unveiled its first collaboration with American musician and designer Tyler, The Creator’s clothing brand, Golf Le Fleur, which aims to “inject some of the US artist’s iconic style into classic French tennis culture”.

The retro-inspired capsule collection designed by the California-based musician features 16-pieces of ready-to-wear and accessories, and includes flat colour blocks reminiscent of 80s courtside hues, which the brand states is in line with the “saturated, left field colourimetric blueprint favoured in his videos and performances”.

The designs are reinterpretations of classic Lacoste styles and blends the French brand, known for its crocodile logo and tennis references with Tyler, The Creator’s unique style, and includes short-sleeved polo shirts, buttoned tees, sweatshirts, shorts and bucket hats in “deliberately thick” cotton.

Lacoste x Golf Le Fleur by Tyler, The Creator

Highlights include the classic varsity jacket, which has been cut from wool cloth and features extra embroidery that “takes on a couture slant,” while matching jacket and sweatpants combos reinterpret jogging lore with pastel tones.

The colours of the collection have also been renamed to “express singularities produced by surprising multi-shades or complementary side tints,” so it isn’t dusty pink, rather “litchi” and the beige becomes a mineral “geode,” and forget about off-white the Lacoste x Golf Le Fleur is all about “mascarpone”.

Lacoste notes that the collection is “somewhere in-between the classy, laid-back tennis lifestyle and street-level subcultures” and aims to redefine “conventional notions of elegance and casual style”.

Tyler, The Creator has put his touches on the entire retro sportswear collection, with the iconic Lacoste crocodile reworked to include an embroidered poppy flower in its jaw, and there are direct references to the Golf Le Fleur typeset straight onto tracksuit trousers and in the form of bucket hat stripes.

The Lacoste x Golf Le Fleur collection will drop on July 17 and will be available in Lacoste stores and online, as well as concept stores around the world.

Images: courtesy of Lacoste

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