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Lee Jeans to partner with Cushnie et Ochs for 2018

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Denim brand Lee Jeans is teaming up with ready-to-wear label Cushnie et Ochs on its Body Optix line of denim, which is designed to visually flatter the female body.

Announced during New York Fashion Week as Cushnie et Ochs celebrated its 10th-anniversary catwalk show, the collaboration will see the two brands combining “cutting-edge innovation and elevated style” to the Body Optix collection that harnesses vision science and exclusive patent-pending technology to create flattering denim.

"We are thrilled to partner with Lee for our 10th anniversary year," said Carly Cushnie, designer and co-founder of Cushnie et Ochs. "Cushnie et Ochs is designed by women, for women, and the Lee Body Optix collection is made specifically to celebrate the female form. It is a natural fit.”

The partnership is grounded by Lee and Cushnie et Ochs' shared vision of empowering women with perfectly fitting clothes that make her feel strong and confident, said the two brands in a statement.

Michelle Ochs, designer and co-founder of Cushnie et Ochs, added: "Carly and I focus on combining femininity and sensuality with form. We are excited to pair our style sensibility with the unique way that Lee Body Optix enhances a woman's natural shape.”

Lee Jeans teaming up with Cushnie et Ochs

Lee Body Optix uses the principles of vision science: what the eye sees and doesn't see, by making each denim piece precisely shaded and contoured using patterns created by nano laser technology, and constructed with strategic seams and pocket placement. The result is a clothing line that delivers 360° body enhancement.

"What contouring makeup does for the face, Lee Body Optix does for a woman's body," said Kim Yates, vice president of marketing, Lee Jeans. "With Cushnie et Ochs' emphasis on raw feminine power and silhouette, they are an ideal partner to integrate a new fashion element into this line. We look forward to revealing the results of the collaboration.”

First successfully launched in Asia and Europe, Lee Body Optix will expand to the US this summer, with Cushnie et Ochs unveiling their pieces this autumn.

"Lee Body Optix resulted from the synergies between cognitive science, cutting-edge imaging technologies and advance material research. Combining top fashion designers and cognitive scientists together is a new approach to apparel, and a dynamic fresh direction for the industry," added Steve Zades, vice president of global transformational innovation, VF Corporation.

Images: Courtesy of Lee Jeans

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