Lil Wayne is arguably an under sung fashion star. The rapper was an early trendsetter of the skinny jeans trend that started in the late end of the first decade of the '00s. He was also a force behind popularizing BAPE hoodies. Now, the rapper is collaborating with American Eagle to help bring his style to a new set of consumers.

Lil Wayne will be launching a 25-piece capsule collection with the brand that will be releasing later this summer. The collection will include tie-dyed and color blocked pieces including socks, T-shirts, hoodies, boxers, hats, jeans, shorts, and skate decks.

In a statement, Lil Wayne said that “My fans wear and love the brand, so we came together to co-create a collection that blends my personality with American Eagle’s iconic style.” He added that “American Eagle gets it. The brand celebrates individuality and to me that’s something I want to be a part of.”

Title American Eagle x Young Money after Lil Wayne's record label, the collection is set to debut on July 30, and roll out to stores on August 10. This collaboration is marketed toward Gen-Z consumers who are fans of the rapper's music.





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