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Linder takes communal design approach at New York Fashion Week

By Kristopher Fraser

Sep 10, 2018


For their spring/summer 2019 collection, Linder took a communal approach to design. Sure, every designer has a team working with them, but what Linder did was a little bit different. The collection was designed round-table style, with strong consideration given to whether members of the team said they would wear a piece or not. The idea behind this was to create a collection that would work for someone who doesn't want to completely identify with a brand.

"My inspiration was a customer who wants to put together her own look and tailor her own identity through choosing individual pieces that she relates to or connects with," said Linder founder and designer Sam Linder to FashionUnited. "This collection is an emphasis on the mix-and-match. I didn't want it to feel like we just copied a bunch of stuff off the rack in a Goodwill shop. I wanted there to be a sensibility you could track through the whole collection."

Linder designs spring/summer 2019 collection round-table style

This collection could easily be summed up as eclectic. Leathers were paired with denim, workwear with athleisure, and knitwear with denim. If Linder's goal was to have no one definition of their collection, they succeeded. Variety is the spice of life, and was the thesis of this line. "I'm very happy with someone wanting to buy some pieces from the collection, and hating the rest of it," Linder said to FashionUnited.

While there's been a return to uniform dressing, Linder has managed to find a design balance between that customer who wants to look serious about what they are doing and not be restrictive. "We don't focus on making things crafted, we focus on making products," Linder said to FashionUnited. "Every person on our team brings something different, and we basically get out of the way and let people do what they love. We have hand knitted bag handles and coats with hand painting. Getting out of the way can help a lot of things happen organically."

Other pieces in the collection included linen and light cottons for warm weather, along with denim, t-shirts, sweatshirts and sneakers. Plaids, stripes and color blocking were mixed up together, because this way of combining individual pieces, rather than wearing a pre-styled outfit, seems like the most natural way currently to express individuality.

It was a collection that was uniquely Linder for the customer who doesn't have a one note style. Let's get multi-faceted for spring/summer 2019.

photos: courtesy of Thomas Hauser