Lindex launches recycled denim initiative

Swedish fashion retailer Lindex has debuted a new jeans range for women and children named 'Even Better Denim', containing more sustainable and post-consumer recycled cotton sourced in the supply chain. The new denim styles represent a new step in Lindex' journey towards even more sustainable denim and closing the loop.

In August of this year, Lindex expanded its Use, Reuse and Recycle initiative, which allows customers to hand in used textiles for resale or recycling to help the company’s long-term goals to close the material loop. Since this summer, the program includes all stores in Sweden and Norway and 30 stores in Finland since autumn.

The styles are also dyed in a cleaner and more sustainable process that is more resource efficient. Zippers, buttons, labels and other details are the most sustainable alternatives that Lindex has found in the market.

"We are proud of our new step towards reducing the environmental impact and closing the loop. Old garments that normally would have gone to waste has now become part of our new ‘Even Better Denim’ styles. That way we reduce the use of virgin material, saving water and energy in production, sayid Sara Winroth, sustainability manager at Lindex.

Lindex started in 2014 to produce denim in a more sustainable way and soon made significant progress: Today, 100 percent of Lindex' denim assortment is made from more sustainable cotton and with more sustainable processes that require up to 45 percent less water and 27 percent less energy. Lindex' work with the ‘Even Better Denim’ styles aims at developing a more sustainable denim assortment and to seek innovations and explore new solutions. Ultimately, it is planned to extend ‘Even Better Denim’ to the entire denim range.

Since week 42, the ‘Even Better Denim’ styles are being sold in all Lindex stores and at





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