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London Fashion Week to host third joint show of Ukrainian fashion brands

By Don-Alvin Adegeest


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Ukraine Fashion Week: Tamar Keburia, J’Amemme and Gasanova Credits: Ukrainian designers at London Fashion Week

Ukrainian fashion takes center stage at London Fashion Week on February 17, featuring the joint showcase of Tamar Keburia, J’Amemme and Gasanova.

Supported by the British Fashion Council and London Fashion Week, this marks the third collaborative presentation, symbolizing solidarity during Ukraine's challenging times.

The "Support Ukrainian Fashion" Initiative, launched amid the Russian war, stands as a testament to global backing for Ukrainian designers. The event, underwritten by the USAID Competitive Economy Program in Ukraine, seeks to provide visibility crucial for Ukrainian designers to secure international orders and sustain their work amid the ongoing conflict.

Despite the adversities of the Russian war, Ukrainian fashion designers, including Tamar Keburia, Elvira Damirova of Gasanova, and Julie Yarmoliuk of J'Amemme, showcase resilience and creativity.

The collections reflect emotional narratives and diverse inspirations, from the refugee experience to the strength of Ukrainian women and a homage to nature's beauty.

This unprecedented joint showcase not only breaks new ground in the global fashion industry but also serves as a lifeline for Ukrainian designers, offering visibility on international platforms and opportunities for continued growth in the face of formidable challenges at home.

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