Loris Diran combining the utilitarian and formal

New York - Designer Loris Diran presented his fall/winter 2016 collection on Monday at the Dimenna Center, and he has ventured outside of his comfort zone for his latest line. While he usually stays within the realm of traditional luxury with things like double-breasted tailored blazers and a few knits and button up shirts, last season we did see more athleisure elements work their way into his collection.

This season, he was on trend with other designers who were trying to combine elements of both the casual and formal and presented looks like checked blazers paired with matching joggers, shawl scarf sweaters, and hooded jackets paired with trousers. While many of the pieces were traditionally utilitarian like the joggers and hoodies, the juxtaposition of them against more formal offerings like blazers and trousers is ushering in a new style aesthetic for men.

Gone are the days of just the casual guy or the more formal guy, men can now dance this line in between and still be stylish. Diran believes that one of the most important things in men's wear is the silhouette, because with the proper silhouette your simplest things can still be expensive and timeless ten years later. His tight silhouettes even on garments like hoodies and joggers, which are traditionally more slouchy, elevated the simplest pieces in his collection to appeal to high fashion tastes.

The designer certainly knows how to inject luxury into every offering, and ensure his clients are satisfied no matter what the trend of the season is.





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