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Lush continues 'Big Tech Rebellion' with Black Friday initiative

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Lush ‘The Cloud’ bath bomb Credits: Lush

British beauty brand Lush is using Black Friday to raise money for the decentralised movement ‘People vs Big Tech’ in a continuation of its ‘Big Tech Rebellion’ campaign.

In a statement, Lush said that it was raising money with a new limited-edition bath bomb to support its work to "rein in the handful of Big Tech companies that have monopolised the Internet with intrusive surveillance, predatory addictive-algorithms, harmful content and echo chambers".

‘The Cloud’ bath bomb will launch on Black Friday, November 24, across its e-commerce sites in the UK, US, Canada, France, Germany, Hungary, Spain, Italy, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. Priced at 6.50 pounds, 100 percent of the sales price (minus the VAT) will be donated to People vs Big Tech.

Annabelle Baker, global brand director at Lush, said in a statement: “Black Friday is generally a time when the Big Tech companies rake in huge profits, but at what cost?

“It’s important that we campaign at this critical time of year to fund movements like People vs Big Tech who are providing a pathway to a future without surveillance advertising or predatory algorithms and putting the control back into the hands of the people.”

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