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Lush launches Stranger Things bath bomb collection

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Image: Lush

Fresh, handmade cosmetics company Lush have released a limited-edition bath bomb collection in collaboration with Stranger Things.

The Hellfire Club Bathing Duo is based on popular motifs seen in the last season of the Netflix series and includes a ‘D8’ bath bomb, which is a 3D replica of the eight-sided dice used by the Hellfire Club to play Dungeons and Dragons, featuring numbers relating to the show and Lush, such as 11 representing the name of the main character who has supernatural powers, and 29, which is the address of Lush’s first ever shop in Poole, Dorset UK.

The D8 has been designed to roll into warm waters to unleash two colourful paths and is scented with Lush fan favourite fragrance Intergalactic.

The other bath bomb is ‘The Rift,’ a black design with a split revealing a fury of red and orange fire bubbling beneath the surface. This bomb has a spicy scent and warming aromas and will crackle, swirl and pop in the waters.

Commenting on the collaboration, Melody Morton, concepts creative director at Lush, said in a statement: “We were in awe of the popularity of Stranger Things Season 4 so are really excited about this launch and hope the community is going to love it as much as we do.

“As inventors of the bath bomb, we’d love for this collaboration to provide a moment of escapism with a bathing experience full of fun and surprise. When things feel strange, there’s no shame in running a bath.”

The limited-edition duo is exclusively available on the UK and North America Lush websites, priced at 15 pounds. The bath bombs are packaged in Stranger Things branding and come with two collectable playing cards compatible with the Dungeons and Dragons game played in the show.