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Luxury brands descend on Cannes


Luxury brands descend on Cannes

By Don-Alvin Adegeest

May 28, 2017

The Cannes Film Festival today is as much about luxury and fashion as it is about film.

Luxury brands from haute jewellery to designer brands to beauty have descended on the chic city to capture its atmosphere and most importantly partake in the copious marketing opportunities.

With a plethora of beautiful actresses and Hollywood elite in town, brands are embracing the festival to draw attention to their luxury products.

From Balmain to Chopard to L'Oreal, there are as many products launches as there are films.

Chopard, for example, has used the red carpet at Cannes as a stage for its high jewellery collections. L'Oreal, in turn, has debuted a new colour palette which captures film-inspired looks. Chanel hosts an annual dinner with Vanity Fair France.

American luxury department store Barneys even has a slot at Cannes. The store partnered with Juergen Teller to photograph its luxury fashion collections and what better place to highlight them then amongst the world's glitterati in Cannes?

For the obvious reasons the Cannes Film Festival presents a clear opportunity for luxury brands to get their products in front of potential customers, and the association with the glamorous festival is good for the business of cross marketing. No wonder, then, the high volume of luxury brands that it continues to attract.