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Luxury companies embrace #10YearChallenge

By Don-Alvin Adegeest


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At the time of writing, the social media hashtag #10YearChallenge has garnered over 3.9 million posts on Instagram.

The premise of the challenge is to show how much you have changed over the course of a decade, a theme that has caught on like wildfire and embraced by consumers, celebrities, charities and now luxury brands.

For fashion companies, especially heritage brands who use consistency as a part of their storytelling, the latest hashtag craze is a way to communicate their longevity and relevance via their history.

Luxury brands including Bally and Barneys New York posted comparative photos of 2009 and 2019. Unlike many fashion houses who have gone through multiple guises and even logo changes, some companies are using the marketing initiate to tell consumers that what they love about their brand ten years ago is exactly the same today.

When Barneys New York took up the #10YearChallenge it showed its logo design from 2009 and 2019, captioning the image: “Some things never get old.”

Bally went even further than the ten year challenge, going back to the mid seventies to show its Vita Parcours sneakers, a design that has remained remarkably similar over the course of three decades.

Where many luxury brands are quick to erase their past when a new creative director is appointed, others are keen to share their history and chart their strengths, which has become evident over time.

But not all the #10YearChallenge photos are self fulfilling prophecies. Others are using the hashtags to reflect on bigger changes, such as the impact of melting icebergs and other environmental issues.

The 10 year challenge for the fashion industry

Ten years ago disposable fashion seamed unstoppable and there was barely a whisper concerning sustainability or ethically manufacturing clothing. How will the images from the challenge look a decade from now?

Photo credit: Bally via Facebook and Barneys New York official Instagram