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Marine Serre unveils digital fashion in partnership with Skinvaders

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Image: Marine Serre Skinvaders
Marine Serre has partnered with Skinvaders, the platform for in-game branded skins and digital clothing, to digitalise its ‘Hard Drive’ collection for the metaverse.

Skinvaders, launched by digital fashion company PlatformE, will offer Marine Serre’s collection in Zepeto’s virtual world, which allows fashion-savvy gamers the chance to customise and elevate their avatars. Marine Serre’s garments will be priced from 5 to 14 Zems, the virtual world’s currency.

Alexis Arragon, chief executive of Skinvaders, said in a statement: “Gamer investment in avatar customisations, particularly with designer and luxury products, has been on the up and up in recent years, presenting a huge opportunity for in-game brand presence.

“It has been an exciting project to work with the Marine Serre’s team to bring their collections to life in the digital realm, while tapping into an increasingly lucrative space, with more than two in three gamers interested in branded skins.”

The launch comes as research shows that there was a 44 percent rise in US gamers purchasing in-game skins, emotes and other customisations in 2021, according to Statista, as players turn to the metaverse. This is presenting new possibilities for fashion brands to reach new audiences and brand advocates in the 2.81 billion and growing video gaming community.

Image: Marine Serre/ Skinvaders
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