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My Wardrobe HQ teams up with Rotaro to consolidate stock

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Rotaro campaign Credits: Rotaro

Luxury rental and re-commerce platform My Wardrobe HQ has announced a collaboration with Gen Z-focused fashion rental website Rotaro to consolidate stock and to target a younger audience.

The move aims to create the ultimate “closest in the cloud” for UK consumers by increasing the range of both partner brand and individual vendor items available now on My Wardrobe HQ.

Commenting on the venture, Sacha Newall, co-founder of My Wardrobe HQ (MWHQ), said in a statement: “The consolidation with Rotaro was a great opportunity for the business - MWHQ has fantastic relationships with a large number of UK designers, including Vivienne Westwood and Burberry, and the merger with Rotaro now offers an extended product range to include new-generation designers who share our principles of sustainability, quality and craftsmanship.

“High-end fashion rental is a relatively new concept in the UK arena and this collaboration marries the core MWHQ customer base of ABC1 30+ market with the younger, ultra-fashion forward audience that Rotaro has grown successfully over the last few years.”

Georgie Hyatt, founder of Rotaro, added: “I’m delighted with this consolidation, it allows our customers and designers to connect to one another through renting. I’m a huge believer in the future of circular fashion so I look forward to seeing how our initial success flourishes with MWHQ.”

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