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Nanushka introduces a new alternative to leather in its collections

By Danielle Wightman-Stone



Image: Nanuskha by Pierre-Ange Carlotti

Budapest-based contemporary label Nanushka, part of the Vanguards Group, has introduced an exclusive alternative leather fabrication to its collections, which is free from animal skin and the use of animal derivatives.

Okobor, exclusive to Nanushka, is made from 56 percent recycled polyester and 44 percent polyurethane and produced using a GRS-certified dry process to reduce water consumption by 80 percent.

The sustainable vegan alternative leather developed in-house will be used throughout Nanushka’s ready-to-wear products from its pre-autumn/winter 2022 collection onwards.

Nanushka began using alt-leather in 2015 as a commitment to animal welfare, and in 2021, it used Regenerated Leather in its collections, partly made from a compression of unwanted leather offcuts. The move to introduce Okobor is to keep pushing forward with its wider sustainability strategy to ensure “that beauty and elevation in design should not come at the expense of the world around us”.

The fashion label added that while Okobor is an improvement on the wholly virgin-based vegan leather Nanuskha has used to date, it recognises that there is further need for innovation. Adding that it is continuing to conduct material research and development to create the highest quality alternatives to leather.

Image: Nanuskha by Pierre-Ange Carlotti
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