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National Geographic to make its NYFW debut

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Rendering Nat Geo Presents: ‘Fit for a Queen' at NYFW Credits: National Geographic

National Geographic will debut at New York Fashion Week on February 10 with an immersive fashion show to celebrate its upcoming female-led docuseries ‘Queens’.

The event will highlight animal matriarchal themes from the ‘Queens’ docuseries, including lions, brown bears and elephants, while championing emerging designer looks from JêBlanc, Theophilio, Studio 189, Bed on Water, Almasika, L’Enchanteaur, and Téjahn Burnett.

The show will be curated and styled by rising female star Sakinah Bashir, inspired by the late nineties catwalk shows. Each look will represent the animals and environments depicted in ‘Queens,’ offering deep colour tones with dramatic headpieces and adornments.

The models will also be showcased alongside holographic images of the impressive female animals “to bring a new perspective to the dynamic narratives of the queendom”.

Janet Vissering, senior vice president of production and development at National Geographic and lead executive in charge of ‘Queens,’ said in a statement: “New York Fashion Week is arguably pop culture’s most epic and influential event of the year. While it might seem a wild departure for Nat Geo, what better place to give a nod to queendom and celebrate our contribution to the movement of unstoppable women and powerful female matriarchs.”

The ‘Queens’ docuseries will premiere on Nat Geo on March 4, and stream on Disney+ and Hulu from March 5.

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