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New AI modelling agency champions unfiltered beauty

By Don-Alvin Adegeest


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A new digital modeling agency aims to redefine the landscape of online fashion and beauty. Called Hum.ai.n, the agency seeks to break barriers presenting a new form of beauty, characterized by diversity, individuality and inclusivity, but most importantly breaking the boundaries of gender and what constitutes “physical beauty.”

Digitisation has changed how young consumers relate to beauty and fashion, and Hum.ai.n believes digital natives want to see a relevant castings and faces that are unpolished, raw and real, but mostly unfiltered.

Created in partnership with 3D fashion studio Rendooo and NamesLdn, a creative and public relations agency, three models have been introduced, called Java, Unix and Mosi, who as a group tap into the potential of hyperpigmentation, plus size and broader height ranges as part of new beauty conversations.

A new age of accountability marks a turning point for fashion’s notion of the ‘feminine’ ideal. Hum.ai.n’s debut of its three digital models presents a new era of hyper-realistic digital faces.

In June 2020, NamesLdn created a showroom in partnership with designer Duran Lantink to create an immersive digital showroom that guided the viewer through a mystical, dystopian mall complete with the designer’s looks digitally rendered in 3D.

Image courtesy Hum.ai.n

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