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New Balance Numeric – a number in its own right

By Sponsor

Jan 17, 2018


New Balance: the brand is probably familiar to everyone. But what’s the story with New Balance Numeric? Those who don't come from a skating background might well never have heard of the New Balance Numeric. This is the name of the skateboard range from shoe brand New Balance, which is known for its classic sneakers and technical sports shoes.

In December 2012 the Boston-based shoe brand announced a skate footwear range that would go by the name of New Balance Numeric, or NB# for short. “New Balance is proud to work on the New Balance Numeric skate footwear line together with Black Box,” Rob DeMartini, the then President and CEO of New Balance said in a statement at the time. “As one of the most authentic and talented skate companies in the industry Black Box offers industry expertise and strong commitment for the specialised retail trade, which is a good fit with our 107-year- old tradition of producing technical performance products for athletes.”

As is the case with the range itself, the shoes have numbers instead of names. Now, New Balance Numeric has just released its most technical shoe to date. The 868 uses Phantom Tape technology that was originally used only in running shoes, which creates a lightweight, supportive skateboarding shoe with a technical, minimal look in cool colours.

The brand also remains true to its patriotic motto: “We are proud to be the only large company that manufactures over 4 million pairs of sports shoes per year in the USA, or stitches them together there, which represents a limited percentage of our sales. When the domestic market value reaches at least 70% we will label our shoes ‘Made in the USA’” the company's website states.

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