New fashion range aimed at Christians

Political fashion has been a trend on the runway for several seasons, however a new fashion range is aiming to communicate spirituality, using imagery to inspire the Christian faith.

Based in California, the Chasing Grace brand has named its latest collection 'Spirited' - offering basic items like tees, sweats and hoodies - with images and wording alluding to peace, love and hope.

"Our tops are vehicles for communication," says co-founder Beth Fenton. "Each artist and image is very carefully chosen in hopes of further-proliferating our mission of creating meaningful messages that people will love to wear and share."

"Our commitment to both luxury craftsmanship and spreading the word of His love are ever-present across this collection and I could not be more thrilled about its release."

Religious fashion is part of a growing community of Muslim, Christian, and Orthodox Jewish women who are using fashion to redefine their faith as well as what it means to dress modestly. In 2010, a company called Haute Hijab debuted speciliasing in fashion Hijabs for Muslim women.

With countless of blogs dedicated to modesty dressing, women are able to connect through social media, discussing their mutual respect for religion and love for fashion.

But as these brands communicate their messages to the world in the same way, there is plenty of criticism that comes with exposure. Those who don't share the same values, either of religion or fashion required to cover up the female body, could see these as vehicles for oppression.

Photo credit:Chasing Grace Facebook page