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New platform ADPT Mode aims to transform fashion e-commerce

By Don-Alvin Adegeest


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New fashion platform ADPT Mode Credits: ADPT Mode

ADPT Mode, a recently launched ecommerce marketplace specialising in contemporary and luxury fashion, is aiming to make waves in the industry. Founded by a team with over a decade of experience, the platform distinguishes itself by introducing categories such as Past, Present Future & 24:00. This approach allows the platform to provide a diverse range of items, from outlet products to current season offerings, made-to-order items, and online flash sample sales.

Launched in Spring 2023, ADPT Mode said it draws inspiration from the simplicity, quality, and timelessness associated with the 90s. The platform collaborates with a varied selection of niche, classic, and iconic brands, offering users a curated and user-friendly experience.

‘We wanted to launch a platform where there is something for every customer. We are here to guide our customers towards a more responsible fashion experience, that steers away from fast fashion and trends whilst becoming a support tool for brands and retailers. We strongly believe this begins with a change in perception” says Haneen Aldhahir, founder of ADPT Mode.

Beyond its curated selection, the platform aims to seamlessly integrate with brands, which includes several omni-channel features and a newly introduced 24-hour private flash sale.