New "smart bra" tracks fitness levels and body needs

Move over smart phone, here comes the smart bra! Montreal-based sportswear startup OMsignal Inc. has developed a sports bra that integrates technology with a cutting-edge biometric fabric to let the wearer access information about her fitness levels (based on her age group) and body needs.

The "smartest sports bra ever" (according to OMsignal) was launched at the CES technology fair in Las Vegas this week. How it works exactly is that OMsignal's OMrun platform is integrated into the bra, which measures fitness metrics such as distance, heart rate and calories. Via smartphone app, it reports them to the wearer and gives instant feedback, so that she can measure the effects of her training and workouts and make adjustments if necessary.

The instant workout feedback can incorporate breathing rhythm, performance, distance and speed and how many steps taken, how many runs, how much energy has been burned and if you should push yourself further or not.

Women have more control over their workout

Women who tend to tire themselves out can also rely on the bra as a gauge measures cumulative fatigue by taking heart rate, heart rate variability and breathing into account to assess the wearer's state of rest before, during and after a workout.

"Most technologies only use heart rate to estimate a state of fatigue. Few technologies, like OMsignal, can also measure heart rate variation. Only OMsignal adds an additional layer of accuracy by factoring in your breathing, a biometric that can vary (relatively) just as much as your heart rate when exerting yourself," claims the company.

New "smart bra" tracks fitness levels and body needs

In addition, OMbra adapts to a woman's physical shape throughout the day - instead of being a "cookie-cutter bra", it is made of high-performance, lightweight, stretchable fabric that re-shapes itself around the wearer's body while exercising. Made of a polyester, nylon and elastane blend, the material also absorbs pressure and reduces stress on the back and shoulders.

The OMbra connects with popular fitness apps like Apple Health, Strava, Nike+, mapmyfitness and runtastic and will be available in spring of this year. Men do not need to feel left out as the company already launched the smart shirt for men in 2014.

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